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Spectra Spin

Spectra Spin is one of the latest projects ETH has gotten it’s flat hands into. Featuring hoop extraordinaire, Spectra (aka Erin Ames) promises to teach new tricks and new ways to look at old ones to all hoop and flow enthusiasts.
In this first tutorial, Spectra goes over chest rolls and effectively shows several methods to accomplish this trick. It was a new experience for me too, learning to capture how a performer will see an executed trick is essential in a successful tutorial. If you have any thought, be sure to comment below. Spectra is taking suggestions for her next tutorial, yours may be next!
Bright Nights Music Festival


Bright Nights Music Festival is the first music festival of its kind in Oklahoma. The most attended and produced festivals often take place in town where the attendees are expected to return home or to their hotel. Other music festivals don’t draw in the same level of artists, but offer a more immersive experience with private camping. Bright Nights includes the best of both of these worlds, creating a multi-genre event that draws in some pretty big names like Shiny Toy Guns, AFK, and Rog Mahal. A pretty big deal for an independently produced festival only in its second year. I foresee this event evolving into a mix of Electric Forest and Wakarusa overtime, I can’t wait to watch it grow. What is most awesome, is that Erin and I have been able to work toward’s it’s success as a perfect team. Erin takes care of a lot of the talent/booking and scheduling of the artists while I provide both graphic and web design presence that was lacking previously. It’s tough reeling in all the necessities, but the challenge is worth the work and learning more everyday. Looking forward to working with Freebass Productions as well as, ElectrOklahoma and Wolf and Bear to bring you the best fest yet. Until next time!

I currently direct and produce music videos. Would love to expand and form new connections. I'm in Norman, OK. Let me know if I can be of service. Any professional feedback welcome. Thanks

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We elephants do what we can. ...

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I liked a @YouTube video Amazing bionic hand can 'feel' - This is REAL Genius ...

Researchers in Switzerland and Italy have developed the first prosthetic hand that can FEEL. The hand, designed by the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de ...

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Why aren't USA ads this good? #relocate #GreatBritain ...

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Elephant Treehouse updated their cover photo. ...

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Elephant Treehouse updated their cover photo. ...

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Very excited to build a new green screen and a lighting system that is even as well as easy to take down, put up, and transport. I cannot wait to integrate this tool into my cinematography. ...

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Wanna Hoop? Spectra wants to teach you!
Check her out on this new series presented by Elephant Treehouse: SpectraSpin!

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I liked a @YouTube video Them Hounds - Chandelier (Sia Cover) ...

Want a little more from your Chandelier? We at Them Hounds know how important it is to swing with loft in mind which is why we jam packed extra decibels into...

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#themhounds bring new life to #sia #ethfilms ...

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Features and Trailers

Blackie Documentary


It is an extreme honor to be working with David Steece as Editor in his upcoming documentary, Blackie.
Deriving the story of a real New Orleans Gangster from 120 hours of interviews of politicians, gangsters, cops, family and even the musicians who played the French Quarter What Blackie roamed the streets.
Check out this trailer for a taste of what is to come!

Shirley Jackson: The Smoking Room

Shirley Jackson is an incredible author. Introduced by my friend, Erica Nichols, I took one read from The Smoking Room and was hooked.The idea of taking these classic stories and building them into visual masterpieces without damaging the literary content became a goal. I began the job of preproduction. I set out for a location, which became the The 51st Speakeasy in OKC. I gathered props and prompted Emily Marx to play the main role. Eric Kuritz managed the cameras and lights and I also made an appearance, as the devil himself.I still wait for a line to be dropped from the Jackson Estate, alas, not a word’s been uttered. Until then, I leave you with the humble offerings of this test teaser.


ETH acoustic

Discover What is Always There with QCB

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Quentin Cash Band is here again to grace our presence with “Never Gone.” Be sure to check out the full interview where we peer into Reid’s songwriting process, and we find out what fuels him to write and perform music.
Quentin Cash Band is a lot of things–a little bit of grunge, a dose of alt-rock, a hint of metal, and a splash of pop here and there for color. The five piece group has taken cues from bands like Soundgarden and Mother Love Bone to bring you a carefully crafted menagerie of well-placed, relatable lyrics with a down-to-earth vibe that keeps you tapping your feet and nodding your head. Let the rich and inviting vocals take you on a journey through the entrancing guitar work and fluid basslines, Quentin Cash Band does not disappoint
Elephant Treehouse is proud to host such a wonderful acoustic trio, but be sure to check out their full band– where the talent really soars. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Emma Lee‘s soothing, easy going melodies with ETH a c o u s t i c.
Featuring the talents of
Emma Lee: Guitar, Vox
Jon Wajte: Guitar
John Reid: Guitar

Bending the rules with [PEACH]

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[PEACH] A wholly remarkable brand of music not to be confused with The Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches. That’s just a song, historically remarkable by its offbeat humor. If you watched Peaches on NBC, you’d have to tune into BBC 2 Thursday night at 8 pm to catch [PEACH]. Sure, there is humor, but there is also content; for musicians, poets, and ears untrained beyond understanding entertainment.
Aslan asked if I had a piano, and I don’t, so he Improvised what I think was better than a piano (at least for this production!)  Nevertheless, [PEACH] inspired me to bend the rules a little bit, which I have to admit, felt pretty good. Perhaps bending the rules is  the yoga for reality, that rules and limitations are the same thing– a way to hinder growth. This is clearly not the philosophy of [PEACH], proven by their implementation of 8 unique instruments at the hands (or ears) of two of my favorite micro-phones.
[PEACH] encapsulated the spirit of Frank Zappa with a more accessible wrapper, which is great news because I love Frank Zappa.  (Check out Orange Tasting Purple, it’s my Frank Zappa Fan video for The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves the Stage.) In this arrangement of You Choke the Ones You Love, Both Erin and I were transported back to the band room, greeted with the familiar timbres of trombones, flutes, and saxophones. Thank god this is not your average band song.  [PEACH] takes these time-tailored-textures and applies them in a new universe, one that appeals more to my tastes.
Prepare to get lost in the haunting melody and visualize a different story each time you tune in– because these lyrics lacerate with double meaning.
Featuring the talents of
Aslan Crawley: Guitar, Vox
Christian Pearson: Keys
“Cue-Tip” Stevens: Flute, Sax, Freestlye
Kevin Dunaway: Bass
Joshua Dubois: Trombone
Connor Pruitt: Drums


Music Videos

Erin Ames – The Library and Science


Every year, the public library system chooses a theme for its summer reading program. This year, the theme is “FIZZ, BOOM, READ” integrating the nature of the universe with the wonder of books.
I was contacted by Lia-Wright Oldham of the KidCo Theater to help created a music video in the Style of Thomas Dolby’s, She Blinded Me With Science. What can I say, I love Weird Al, so I jumped on this opportunity like a fly to the light.
I have worked with this many kids over the course of a year, but never all at once, and I must say, it was a pleasurable experience. Kids really know how to have fun. So long as you remind them that making movies is fun, they’ll keep smiling.